Friday, October 4, 2013

Writing inspiration? Muses and other media.

Have you ever taken a creative writing course?

I took two in college:  Creative Writing I and II.  (A+ for originality on the names.)  Sometimes our professor would use a photograph as a writing prompt; other times, a song or music video.

Are there any other forms of creative media you can think of that have inspired something you've written?

I'm including my Top Three below.  Not only are the songs great, the videos periodically inspire me to elaborate, create, or build upon what the artists have already done.

Chevelle, "The Clincher"

Chevelle, "Jars"

Muse, "Knights of Cydonia"

Keep finding that inspiration, and happy writing!

Cherstin, out.

PS:  I dropped this blog from the public radar because my videos are coming up muted.  When I visited YouTube and tried to watch the first video from their site, I also didn't have any sound.  Coincidence, or am I being punished for listening to free music?

You be the judge.    ;-)

I promise to fix the video sound as soon as the reason for malfunction becomes apparent.