Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazon, you sneaky bastards.

After a fantabulous sandwich dinner last night (during which my husband declared, "This is the best sandwich I've ever eaten"), my 2.5-year-old wanted to go for a walk.  Or, more specifically, he wanted to "wide bike, mamma."

Generally, this is said with such a speech impediment in the R=W area that I become an absolutely helpless pile of mush and I'm forced to give in to his demands, as was the case last night.

I looked around the patio table at my other two gentlemen, one of which was playing Minecraft, the other playing on his iPhone5, and realized there were no takers.  Thus, Caleb and I headed out with my phone, his juice cup, and his big wheel.

The thing that is great about 2-year-olds is that they have no sense of urgency or time, which is also their most annoying feature, too, so be careful.  (See also, "Ok to Wake!" clock, below.)

We leave the house, the moon is out, the sun has almost dipped below the horizon, and I decide that this would be a great opportunity to finish Aidan's Christmas shopping on my Amazon app, so I whip out my phone and open my cart.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  One stinking toy in the cart, whose name cannot be revealed here, went from $37.99 to $51 in the span of two days!  "What the hell," I'm thinking.  "I'm not paying that much for a ___ ____ ___."  But then, panic set in.  If that one increased that much, what about the others?  What if I come back to the cart tomorrow and everything has increased?

Instead of taking a stand and making some philosophical statement to the world, I went ahead and hit the ginormous "place order" button before it was too late.

This will officially be the first time in 9 years that Aidan's Christmas shopping has been done in October, but only because Amazon held my arm behind my back and threatened me.

Speaking of Amazon, and of preschoolers with no sense of time, I broke down and ordered Caleb an "Okay to Wake" clock.  This is not a Christmas present.  As a matter of fact, I paid extra to have this one delivered today.

He is so into reading that he has been waking up in the 5's for the past few days, perfectly content to turn his light on, grab a book, and holler to the rest of the house that it is time to get up because "someone needs to come weed to me!"

I've already told you I'm a sucker for those R=Ws.


Cherstin, out.