Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Oh. emm. gee.

It's happened.

Monday night, I called my darling husband after class to find out how the baby was feeling, how the night went, and if we needed anything from the store.  The answers to numbers one and two were pretty self-explanatory, but I was informed I needed to stop at the store on the way home.

For more Reese's cups, please.

Knowing I'd just purchased a bag of them on Saturday night, when I stopped at the store while out shooting pictures for my photography class, I put my foot down gently.  I told my husband, "Babe.  You don't need those.  You're going to regret it."

He thought about it for a second and then said, "Okay.  How about some mini-Kit Kats then?"

It's like he purposely doesn't get it.

"Alright," I say.  "I'll stop at the stupid store."

While I'm perusing the Halloween candy aisle, I happen to come across a goodie that I haven't seen in years - the ol' Lindor chocolate balls - with the raspberry in the center.  It's got to be the raspberry.  When I worked at Books-A-Million, I remember popping these things like they were breath mints from the Joe Muggs side of the store.  Yes, Reese's single cups AND miniatures for my husband, one bag of Lindor raspberry chocolates for me.

About seven chocolate balls into the bag, I started feeling it, and by "it," I'm not just talking about my underwear shrinking.  I'm talking about the toothache.  "No problem," I say.  "I'll just eat them on the other side of my mouth."  Great idea, poor follow-through - the toothache that had begun decided to never go away.  I'll bet "Lindor" actually translates to "linger" in real life.

Now I'm chomping Advil like no one's business.  The little guy is home with me this morning until we can be SBTG - Saved By the Grandma.  I've got the possibility of a group project today in English Literature.  My face feels numb.

There are still ten or so Lindor raspberry chocolates calling my name.  I'm wondering if I can chew in such a way to avoid my teeth completely.

Till next time,