Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DUN DUN DUNNNN ... The dreaded dentist appointment.

I did it.  You know the shit is serious when I go ahead and make my own dentist appointment.  It's not until October 1st but I'm pretty sure he's sharpening his scalpel, dulling his drill, and practicing his evil laugh even as we speak.


Probably bloodying up his white lab coat, too.

In other news, I was chitchatting with an old professor just prior to my second class today when I mentioned I had been thinking about ditching due to a toothache (in conjunction with the fact we would be discussing Sylvia Plath in class today - I couldn't figure out which would have been more depressing).  I bit the proverbial bullet and stuck it out, entered the classroom, .. and within five minutes, our teacher dismissed us because he couldn't get the projector to work, and we were going to watch a documentary.  Yes.  Triple word score.  I swung by previously-mentioned old professor's office prior to leaving campus and thanked him for the good karma.  Maybe it's time to buy another lottery ticket.

There's an open mic at school tomorrow night - I feel like I should attend.  Like, I have to attend.  It's for my own sanity.  I was considering reading a series of vignettes I wrote (thankfully, they have nothing to do with the dentist), but I think the series is a bit longer than the token five minutes, so I guess I'll be dusting off some old poetry.  I wish I had some new shit, but hey, I don't.

But I should.  I should have a ton of new shit to read.  I mean, I've got the new office, the new desk, the new faux-wood blinds.  I've got the dogs to keep my feet warm.  I've even got a few scraps of paper with ideas on them.

That's about it.

What am I waiting for?

Cherstin, out.