Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Et tu, Brute?

While my mind swirls around thoughts of "Emergency Management and the Terrorist Threat" (that's chapter 9 from Introduction to Emergency Management, 4th ed.), I have come up with a short list of, oh, about thirty household projects to distract me from the joy of schoolwork.  One of these projects has come in the form of an office renovation.

Thanks to a new book I haven't even cracked yet, Daily Rituals:  How Artists Work, I have decided that the majority of my procrastination episodes have to do with this uncomfortable desk and chair I've been using for the past year or so.  The L-shaped, glass-top corner desk seemed like it was going to be the right desk for me, as did the plastic, modern-looking white armless chair I decided to order at the same time.  Let me tell you:  If you spend more than 3 hours a day sitting at a desk, do not opt for the modern, minimalist look.  It's all about comfort, baby.  You don't see commuters driving a plastic bicycle with a steel seat to work, so don't kid yourself that a plastic chair is going to be comfortable even if it does have a built-in butt groove.

In all reality, this beast of a desk I am going to pick up today at 11am could probably not be more wrong for this space.  My office is approximately 8' by nothing, and I'm putting in a six-foot desk.  I'm not even sure how this monstrosity is going to get through my front door.  But the picture and accompanying photo on Craigslist says it all:  ornate, vintage, $150 or best offer.  These are all things I can work with.

Finishing the painting and baseboards in the office?  Ehh, not so much.

Why is it that we I can become so excited about the out-of-the-ordinary tasks, like driving to pick up a new desk that probably weighs 300 pounds, but I can't seem to finish the mundane, boring tasks I start?

Probably because I'm so awesome, that's why.

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for an Allen wrench to begin the taking-apart of my current desk.  I think I have the perfect spot for it in the kitchen, replacing a small table I spray-painted last evening.  Now where am I going to put this table?

Cherstin, out.