Monday, October 1, 2012

... and the crowd goes wild!

I'm thinking about downloading an app that makes the sounds of people cheering.  Bonus points if an announcer comes on and says, "...and the crowd goes wild!"

Wouldn't that be great?

I think I hit snooze somewhere in the area of 14 times this morning.  The baby was up last night, coughing like mad, "...and the crowd goes wild!"

Oops.  Timing is everything.

The baby was up last night, intermittently, periodically, and mostly.  Take your pick, because I can't remember.  I do remember exiting the bedroom, narrowly avoiding the Halloween balloon that kept blowing itself in front of our door for some reason.

I'd take the balloon by the string and throw it toward the dining room, ("...and the crowd goes wild!") but each time I'd return after getting Caleb situated, there was the balloon again.  I kept thinking, "This thing has to GO (emphasis on "go" as that's when I'd bat it away).  It's going to scare the hell out of Richard when he opens the door in the morning."

But then the next person to open the door would be me again, and it would start all over again.

At 6:40-something-that-felt-too-early, I finally sat up and turned off the alarm clock.  It would've been nice to have some background cheering.  I would've clasped my hands together and shook them a few times over each shoulder, like winners sometimes do.

"...and the crowd goes wild!"

I was ecstatic to see that my husband took out the recycling this morning.  I would've used that app on him, had I had it.  Or how about the blog where I finished my semester and nothing happened?  Again, perfect opportunity.

Doubting your parenting skills?  Fixed your dishwasher?  Painted your walls?  Fantasy football team kicked ass and took names?

There's an app for that.

Til next time, "...and the crowd goes wild!"