Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kinetic energy: In other words, poised for take off.

I used to blog in the afternoons, and it showed.  Since starting the April A to Z Challenge, however, I'd taken to blogging first thing in the morning in order to get it finished, allowing me to write in my free time throughout the day.

It only took me until yesterday, Day J, to realize that I was no longer happy with the blog output so early in the morning.  Turning it into a task was unfair, and I apologize to those of you to whom I've spammed the crap out of such trite reading.  (This would be you.)

This morning, I rearranged my schedule to allow me to work on my novel at 6am.  This was good.  I haven't reached the part in writing yet where the ether has worn off, so I'm happiest when I'm with "my peeps."  (Not an Easter pun.)  Before I knew it, 12:30pm had arrived.  No shit.  I greeted it with the same no-nonsense attitude, as in, "Twelve-thirty?  No shit."

I had made my way into Chapter Five, which is where I decided to stop for today.

After the baby went down for his nap, I gave myself the ol' pat on the back.  Investigation Discovery was showing a rerun on Guatemalan baby selling, you read that right, but I didn't have the mental energy to change the channel.  I ate my Dole's Pound o' Salad for lunch (that's not really what it's called) and over my crunching, I couldn't hear the television, anyway.

I pondered chapter five and realized that the minor bit of difficulty I'm having here lies in the fact that I'm introducing a character for the first time, and I think I need to spend a bit more time getting to know her before I proceed.  She's important, but she's not quite speaking to me yet.

I plan on getting her tipsy tonight and playing "Spin the Bottle."

Wait.  Those were my plans for the husband.  Right.

But it's there.  It's all right in front of me.  The majority of the story is written out longhand in my notebook.  The chapters are outlined (in a 6,000+ word outline, which says something, I think, about where this book is headed).  I've organized the actual timeline of the book by starting chapters, writing a brief blurb about the action that will take place within each.  It's actually happening.

Part of me is so angry for not trying this before.  Why, for the longest time, did I simply "want to write" instead of just grabbing this bull by the horns and doing it?

If you'll excuse me, it's time to put on a pot of decaf.  My friend is coming over, you know, and I need to get to know her.

Happy blogging!