Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby, I'm Amazed

To jump from Paul McCartney to Staind may not be acceptable in some (small) circles, but dare I open this blog by quoting the infamous line:  "It's been awhile."


I've not written in ages.  Not here, not there, not anywhere.  To take a snapshot of my life today, you'd see this:

Her.  Engaged mother on a sunlit porch, smoking a Camel Crush, sporting a three-day-old shower and a grey fuzzy bathrobe.  Her feet are clad in black and white knit socks, which feel a size too small.  Visible through the finger-smudged sliding door behind her lies a 9-week-old baby in a Graco swing, both of which are hers.  On the ring finger of her left hand, some lucky suitor has placed a diamond engagement ring, of which she is still proud enough to clean regularly.
Him.  Him is a dashing young man, prone to snoring and Nutty Bars and not necessarily in that order.  She has been absolutely head-over-heels in love with him since their first encounter over a year ago.  The things she loved about him then, she still enjoys, but they've come to appreciate each other's faults as well as each other's charm.  He'd think nothing of buying Wrestlemania on PPV, but her practicality usually curbs his wild approach to life.
Them.  Them is a terrific little family, with one probably gazing out the window of his first-grade classroom, daydreaming about Nerf guns and child-sized electric guitars.  Happy.

And, with that, it may or may not be time for her to return to her corner of the couch to try to wrangle some much needed shut-eye.