Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wow. If I thought Monday was astronomical, I had NO idea what I'd be in for today. Let me reiterate: wow.

I had a huge -- something -- with the boyfriend last night. And on a sentimental note, I'm guessing that he's no longer my boyfriend in the same sense that I'm probably no longer his girlfriend. And I'm okay with that. I was fine alone before him and I'll be fine alone again. It just blows my mind that at age 35, there are still things that people in a relationship don't talk about until it's obviously too late. Blows my fucking mind. What a challenge life becomes when you have to fend not only for yourself and your spawn, but you also have to become a mind reader in order to decipher the status of your relationship, lest you (gasp) actually have to ask what the fuck is going on when it's Wednesday and you haven't seen your supposed boyfriend since last Thursday. After two months of dating, and that's in "quotes," by the way, am I really so out in left field by feeling that it's acceptable for me to ask for some clarity? Wow. What a douchebag I've become.

Fuck it. On a much better note, at least I'll have time to write. I stayed up til 2am finishing my second short story last night and it's just about bulletproof. Still working on some POV issues in the first section but I'll get it. It is, after all, due tomorrow. :-)

Out for now, not forever.