Thursday, October 1, 2009


I hate hate hate when I say something in my head to myself and I think of something horrible, like a plague of lice, and I think to myself "I will suffer a plague of lice if I'm not in bed tonight before 10pm." And then the other part of me thinks something witty in return, like "Duh, not even worth betting about. It's 9:12pm. OF COURSE you'll be in bed by 10pm." And it's now 10:09pm. Awake me is going to kick other me's ass.

I couldn't go to sleep without blogging. It must be some type of thing. I get sort of depressed about this season's "Survivor." I'm amazed at the stupidity of others and I'm thinking they might need to change the name of the show to "Russell." Lame. I did, however, get a very big laugh at his saying "I'm the boss" because it came off sounding like "I'm da bawss" and if you've seen the Lonely Island video for "Like a Boss," you're right there with me. ;-)

Now I just spent a few minutes signing up for a Hulu account and got carried away watching movie previews. That's it. I'm off to bed before some crazy plague-lice come carry me away. Goodnight!