Thursday, September 24, 2009

Born to be Down.

Ahh. Another day, another dollar I'm spending on gas and not getting much in return.

So tonight is open mic night at school. Before you start cheering, let me explain. As a requirement in Creative Writing, we are required to participate in at least one open mic this semester. Urgh. That's the sound of my bowels getting all queasied up for a live performance of ... something. I'm not sure.

Provided my mom gets out of jury duty on time this afternoon, I will be dropping Aidan off at her house so I can attend. (Notice I didn't promise participation. Yet.) I guess the best thing to do is to attend with an open mind, right? No sense in freaking myself out now, eight hours before it even starts. I'll just be like, "Yeah. I'll go check it out." Maybe I'll get up there and start throwing down some Eminem. Yep, vomit on my sweater already. Mom's spaghetti. Hmm. I'd probably have a hard time passing that off as original.

Ugh. Gotta run to class. Later!